Top 5 Jewelry Classics Every Woman Must Own

Have you found your go-to piece of jewelry? Yes, you heard that right. We all have our staple outfits to wear, but what about the jewelry? It’s time we invest in such jewels which are timeless, classic and worth every penny. Finding pieces that you love and can incorporate into your everyday look can also be a way to let your personality shine without doing too much! That’s the game of power dressing. 

We feel that you don’t buy jewelry, you invest in them. Through your emotions and of course your finances. It’s got a lot of sentimental value attached to it that you shall pass on to your children. 

In this blog we shall share with you five classic jewelry categories and two options under each category, which we think every woman should have in her jewelry box. All of these are 100% D'Deco approved!


1. Pearls 

There is something about pearls that just automatically adds elegance and grace to your personality. Pearl jewelry has been passed on for generations and still tops the list of our jewelry classics for its magic and timelessness. 

Gone are the days when just a single strand of pearl was available. Today, there is a gamut of options ranging from different shapes, colors, lengths. It’s all about experimenting and finding your pick which suits you the most. But If you ask us we would recommend every woman to have at least a pair of pearl studs and a 16” necklace in her priceless collection of jewelry. These would match all your outfits. Wear the studs with a power pantsuit to your office, to a brunch with your girlfriends or even with a little black dress to your date night.

Even when there are so many ways to wear pearls, nothing has stood the test of time more than a classic pearl necklace. Iconic women like Maharani Gayatri Devi Ji of Jaipur to Kamala Harris have proven that you can never go wrong with a string of pearls. It adds so much sophistication to your personality and gives you a sleek look. Bottom line - Invest in pearls if you're looking to add class to your jewelry box.

D’Deco Recommends: White Pearl studs and a single strand 16” necklace.


2. Diamond Jewelry 

Diamonds are for strong women. I haven’t come across any woman who isn’t strong! A woman's wardrobe isn't complete without a sparkling pair of diamonds. We would recommend you to invest in a Round brilliant solitaire and a pair of diamond hoops. These chic earrings will add an extra element of shine that ties together any outfit. Stud earrings and hoops are the quintessential statement pieces. If you’re a fan of fancy shapes then definitely try that but rounds are just timeless and their value will always increase with time. Diamonds are the hardest mineral on Earth and are hence fit for everyday wear as well. 

Hoops have been around for a long as Jewelry itself. Hoop earrings can also be traced back to 4th century Africa which is now the country of Sudan. It’s every woman’s delight and adds a feminine touch to your overall look. It would match all your outfits. But have you wondered why have they been given so much importance in history? A lot has to do with its shape being circular. All things in nature that give us life are Circular, be it the Sun, The earth, and even a woman’s womb. It is the absolute symbol of life depicting that it has no beginning and no end. Hoop earrings are a symbol of power that has purpose and meaning.

This would be an investment you pass on to your children and they would admire it as much as you did. 

D’Deco recommends: Diamond Studs and Hoops. 

3. Gold Jewelry: 

There are two kinds of jewelry: glamorous, jaw dropping pieces that you probably wear once a year or everyday pieces that you never want to take off.

From chunky link chains to delicate layering of necklaces, to classic hoops—whatever is your style, you got to invest in them. Today, It’s all about minimal fashion and such dainty gold pieces are classic and complement literally every look. 

You could wear it to a night out , Sunday brunch or at your office, in the day or at night and you’ll always look put together. I am personally a fan of giving simple outfits a twist with layered gold chains or charm bracelets. On the other hand unlike gemstones and fine jewelry these are inexpensive and can be tailor made according to your needs and budget. Another aspect to consider when buying a chain is the length and whether you will be layering the design with other necklaces or wearing it on its own. The styling benefits of good quality gold layering jewelry shouldn’t be underestimated! Delicate bracelets that are stackable with your watch gives you such an edge over others. We are totally drooling over these arm candies and it’s definitely here to stay. 

D’Deco recommends: Gold chains and bracelets.



4. Cocktail Rings 

Cocktail rings AKA oversized rings have been a classic jewelry piece for generations now. No matter what season or what occasion, it will always be in trend. The ultimate show stopper, the statement-making ring comes in a lot of gemstones and are often experimented with silver for those who wish to go easy on their pocket but still share the joy of wearing them. These incredible pieces are definitely not going anywhere and if you haven’t already invested in one, it’s time you do.

We at D’Deco have an enormous collection of hand crafted cocktail rings in almost every color. Choose your preference. We would recommend owning a royal and a gigantic size ring which is encrusted with lots of fabulous precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires. This would be an investment for sure, but it will also be a piece where you would feel like ditching the whole minimal situation for a minute because on some special days you have to be extra! 

The second type of ring we advise is to have your birthstone carved into beautiful motifs and patterns. It could be a floral carving or maybe get your initial carved on a huge size gem.

D’Deco recommends: Precious gemstone rings and a personalised birthstone ring.


5. Signed Jewelry 

Signed jewelry indicates the name of the jewelry house or maker with an engraving on the underside of the piece or the inside of a ring. Jewellery makers began signing their work during the Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau periods, from about 1860 onwards.

Without a doubt the most famous and searched jewelry item has to be the Cartier love bangle and definitely for all the right reasons. It was first designed some fifty years ago and still makes a classic jewelry staple where you must park your funds. It has been a huge fashion statement especially when billionaire , beauty influencer Kylie Jenner stacks 6 of them all together. That could be a little too extra for you, unless you wish to keep up with the Kardashians! ;) 

The first bracelets were gold/silver plated but the designer soon switched to 18K gold. This sturdy piece has been designed in a way that it opens with a special screwdriver which can be worn as a pendant by your better half. Which means, the bracelet is locked onto one person and the keys around the other person's neck, perfectly depicting love and commitment. 

We are personally a fan of Van Cleef and Arples. Their very famous designs using delicate floral motifs steal our hearts. It’s just a perfect feminine delight. We would recommend investing in a Fleurette ring by VCA. This design in particular brings seven round diamonds together in a beautiful cluster. The dazzle and glitter it offers is another reason why it makes into our list of classic jewelry.

D’Deco recommends: Cartier Love Bracelet and Van Cleef & Arpels Fleurette Ring.