Colored Stone Engagement Rings for the Unique Bride-to-Be

I could be red, or I could be yellow
I could be blue, or I could be purple
I could be green, or pink... or black or white
I could be every color you like!
Ever imagined this for your outfits? Why not for your engagement ring!

Let’s go inside D’Deco’s Jewelry Box to truly search for a one of a kind ring for one of a kind bride!

Emerald Ring

Emerald's breathtaking lush green color has been a clear head-turner in the gem and jewelry Industry. The fascination that people have for this beryl mineral is immense and has been a constant talking point for centuries now. Its color reflects all things refreshing, natural and portrays life’s growth, making it an ideal choice for the couple who believes in prospering together in love. With so much history and lore around emeralds, an engagement ring would do all the talking. Emerald is a softer stone in comparison to diamonds, which tend to be the conventional choice for engagement rings, but it’s a great, trendy fit for everyday use.

 D'Deco's GIA Certified 2.78 carat Emerald Ring

D'Deco's GIA Certified 2.78 carat Emerald Ring

Sapphire Ring

If we had to pick the most beautiful ring in the entire world we would choose the super famous 12 carat Garrard & Co. Sapphire Engagement Ring Kate Middleton received from her mother in law, Princess Diana’s collection. Sapphire naturally comes in various colors, but nothing can beat the royalty of the Kashmir Blue Sapphire. Although now very little sapphires are mined from that particular region, we at D’Deco’s sister company, RAF Jewels, have an extensive inventory of Kashmir Sapphires; truly the best of the best in the world. It is believed to bring in property in all aspects of life be it career, love and relationships. 


RAF Jewels 5 Carat Natural No Heat Classic™ Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Victorian Gold Ring

RAF Jewels' Kashmir Sapphire Ring


Antique Rings

Antique jewelry has been a trend all across the globe for its beauty, rarity and so much history that each piece comes with. It's an ideal match for couples who wish to invest in quality and truly one of a kind pieces. It's important for you to know that not any old jewelry makes it to the list of antiques. A jewel has to be at least 100 years old: imagine carrying a little bit of history and adding it to your own legacy. We feel that owning estate jewelry has its own charm. It's not just metal and gemstones but it comes with a lot of personality and character that has been around for quite awhile now. There is a wide range where you can choose the designs or in fact THE ERA you want your ring to be from. Explore our collection to see the jewelry we have from the different eras. 

D'Deco's Antique Oval Blue Sapphire Cabochon and White Diamond Ring

D'Deco's Antique Blue Sapphire Cabochon and Diamond Ring


Opal Rings

If we had to describe opal in one word to you, we would call it Magical! It's an incredibly gorgeous and unique gemstone known for displaying flashes of colors, called “play of color”  in the industry. A lot of brides may not consider this gemstone in their engagement ring because opal needs to be worn with special care. It surely isn't something you can wear everyday but we feel if you look at an Opal ring and immediately fall in love with it at first sight one shouldn't think twice before investing in. "For the untraditional non-diamond bride, opals make the perfect engagement ring because they display a different kind of sparkle than a diamond—a magical, iridescent sparkle," says jewelry designer Misa Hamamoto. The beauty and allure within an opal is mind-blowing and inexpensive while compared to other precious stones of that size. 

Aquamarine Rings

If you're looking for something blue but not a deeper shade and instead something soothing and elegant, consider an Aquamarine engagement ring. This light blue gemstone instantly reminds of a day at the pool. It oozes relaxation and calmness in every facet. It's definitely a distinct choice for engagement rings but that's what modern brides are: unique in their own ways and this gemstone perfectly would suit your personality. 

Another aspect of considering this is that you get a fairly larger size stone, with almost no inclusions and a beautiful color without a hole in your pocket. It's also available in a variety of cuts and carvings. Our personal favorite is an emerald-cut Aquamarine. This cut is the best way to highlight its flawlessness. 

D'Deco's Versace Rectangular Blue Topaz and Diamond Cocktail Ring, 18 Karat Yellow Gold

D'Deco's Versace Aquamarine Ring