1965 Cartier Paris Natural Sapphire and Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Earrings



An elegant pair of Sapphire and Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Earrings by Cartier, Paris. These exquisite vintage treasures, crafted in the heart of Paris, France, by skilled artisans, bear the prestigious Cartier name that is synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship. Furthermore, these earrings encapsulate the glamour of the 1960s, boasting a meticulously handmade design that exudes vintage charm and sophistication.

Intricately detailed and numbered for authenticity, these earrings feature a rich 18K yellow gold setting that beautifully complements the brilliance of genuine and natural gemstones. A matching collection of natural blue sapphires, weighing an estimated total weight of 4.29 carats take center stage, capturing attention with their captivating allure. To add a touch of sparkle, approximately 0.60 carats of diamonds adorn these exquisite pieces. 

With dimensions of approximately 1 1/8 inches, these earrings strike the perfect balance between elegance and versatility, making them a cherished addition to your jewelry collection.

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