Birthstone 101: Know About Your Birthstone

What exactly is a birthstone?

A birthstone is nothing but a gemstone that relates directly to a person’s birth month. It is a relatively new concept and is extremely popular for bringing good luck and health. However, its origin can be dated back to biblical times. Historians believed in the powerful properties and effects these gemstones have and began linking these gems with the zodiac signs. It is assumed that researchers analyzed what each stone offered its wearers, special powers or healing or any other physiological benefits during the period they wore it. Therefore, people started collecting and wearing them as talismans or for its astonishing therapeutic benefits. 


There are a dozen reasons to wear birthstones or these special stones. Firstly, these are natural gemstones, they are beautiful and a piece of Mother Nature in its finest form, So Why Not. Secondly, the world is testament to the power gemstones hold. They have now become extremely popular and researchers study these gems or “Ratana” called in Indian Astrology or Vedic sciences. A lot of people have faith that your birthstone brings in the ultimate good luck for you and can help you by strengthening your weak energies and reducing your hurdles in life. Well that’s honestly, everything one wants. 

Note: Here’s a list that we found while doing our research. It’s purely based on what the astrologers recommend. We are in no way experts to advise you on what to wear. If you have decided and are looking for a piece of jewelry with your birthstone. We would love to help you out. 



























Peridot & Spinel






Tourmaline & Opal






Turquoise & Tanzanites




Garnet is widely popular amongst January babies for being it’s birthstone both traditionally and in the modern system. In nature, although garnets are found in a lot of colors, when we talk of January's birthstone it's particularly about the deepest red variety of the mineral. Besides red the other colors include dark pink, yellow, purple, orange and various shades of green. Blue varieties of garnets are extremely rare and therefore expensive. They have always been referred to as Pomegranates because they look alike. The deep red variety of Garnet Gemstone signifies trust and friendship. In traditional scriptures, they are also believed to protect people during travels. They are absolutely fine to be worn in everyday jewelry. 


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Amethysts belong to the Mineral Quartz family of gems and are highly used in jewelry for their deep violet color and twinned crystal structure. Amethysts have been a favorite choice of jewelers since ages, one for its extraordinarily rich color, two for its flawless nature and three for a high class royal look. We would call it royalty on a budget. You can find amethysts in various shades of violet, from pale lavender to deep, rich purple. While deeper hues tend to be on the pricier end.


The word ‘amethyst’ comes from the Greek word ‘amethystos’ which translates to ‘not drunken.’ To utilize the stone’s power, the Greeks would always carry an amethyst gemstone vessel of lids and would pour their alcohol in it. While we can’t assure that giving your friends an amethyst will result in a magical alcohol tolerance, we do hope that it will instill the thought of not to over indulge. This February birthstone is believed to provide courage and strengthen relationships. 



March’s modern birthstone is the most popular blue member of the diverse Beryl Family. The blue color in aquamarines is a result of iron being present in the deposits where it formed. Aquamarines are primarily found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and South-East Asia. 

These gems evoke images of sea water and blue skies, the kind that makes you calm your anxiety and give absolute peace. There are stories around many sailors bringing aquamarines on their voyages for a variety of calming purposes like getting a good night sleep, they usually keep it below their pillow at night. Aquamarines are also said to inspire harmony in your romantic relationship. All these benefits make it a perfect fit not just for the March babies but newly wed brides, moms and for your special someone.



Well, April babies must be happiest. They have another reason to buy a diamond. Diamond is its traditional as well as modern birthstone. Diamonds are truly timeless and classic. They match anything and everything. Come in a variety of colors and cuts. It’s color pallets range from colorless to black to yellow to almost every color imaginable. Of course pink or red diamonds are rarer and hence expensive but totally worth it. The most popular has to be the colorless diamonds. It is the most coveted choice for engagement rings and wedding bands as well. 

Diamond has long been symbolized for love, marriage, and courage. The hardest known material makes an excellent stone as they also carry a high-frequency energy that stimulates and opens up all of the chakras, especially the Crown and Etheric Chakras. 



Emerald, the most popular variety of mineral beryl and is definitely the most loved gemstone. It symbolizes growth, vitality and regeneration. Finding emeralds with absolutely no flaw especially in bigger sizes is quite rare. They do almost have some inclusion called Jardins which give it a garden-like, unique appearance. Emeralds are the rarest gemstones and are typically mined in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan and Zambia. They are considered to be a symbol of rebirth and love. There are various associations of the gemstone with long and prosperous marriage. 




If you're born in June then you're lucky to be blessed with 3 birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone. Pearl being the most popular and classic. This enchanting June birthstone is an organic gem just like amber, it originates from water bodies like oceans, lakes and rivers around the world. It is a timeless wardrobe staple, loved by women of all ages. Pearls, in history till date, have long been associated with purity, humility and innocence. These are just so simple yet impactful. Traditionally they make for a perfect wedding gift. The healing properties of this organic gem are immense, it is said to bestow long life and prosperity. Pearl is said to improve eyesight, treat nervous breakdowns and anxiety attacks. One thing to remember is to take special care with pearls since it's a softer gem and never store your pearls in plastic! 



The ancient Hindus regarded Ruby as the King of all gemstones, simply because of its regal beauty. Ruby's color is what makes it grab all the attention. Rubies are available in a range of hues from purplish and bluish red to orange-red. The most valuable color of Ruby is of Burmese Ruby, its color is often termed in the trade as pigeon blood, rich, deep and passionate. 

This fine red gemstone signifies love, health, passion and wisdom. Undoubtedly, ruby is the most valuable gemstone and its value increases as does its clarity and color. Ruby is believed to bestow the wearer with ultimate fortune. It’s also popular as a stone of divine creativity, if you're an artist or in a creative profession, you must invest in one. . Ruby is therapeutic for the blood vessels; it also aids the blood circulation, facilitates blood cells formation, and purifies the blood and lymph nodes. 





August born are blessed with two fabulous and different gemstones to choose from, peridot and spinel. Peridot is often called the  “ Evening Emerald ” for its light green shade. In ancient culture the gems found in volcanic ashes were called the tears of the volcanic goddess, when set in yellow gold it is said to protect its owner from nightmares, symbolizing strength and power. 


Another August birthstone, spinel is almost a look alike to rubies. Earlier for years because of the absence of Gem testing Laboratories both these gems were confused. Spinels are actually rarer than rubies but they can be found in larger sizes unlike rubies. It’s believed to protect the owner from dangers and soothes away sadness or any form of mental illness. It’s a high energy stone and heals physical inflammations. Choose the birthstone wisely in accordance to what you need in your life currently. 



Merely saying the word Sapphires evokes an image of a deep blue sparkling gem. Well, Sapphires are found in a variety of colors. Be it pinks, oranges, peach, violet etc. Star sapphires are some of the most desired and looked after gems in the world.

But the one associated with September birthstone has to be the ever classic, timeless and everyone’s favorite Blue Sapphire. It’s been quite a loyal choice even for the British Royalty. After diamond it's the most popular gemstone choice for engagement rings. Found in many parts of the world but the most prized are from Myanmar, Kashmir and Sri Lanka. It has always been said to protect your loved ones from harms and bring in wisdom and wealth.

It’s an ancient Indian belief that it is such a strong and powerful gemstone that it doesn’t suit everybody. So if they were unsure of one, they used to keep the stone or jewel below the pillow at night and check whether it suited them or not. If you saw good dreams, it's in your favor completely. Buy it!



Opal is known to be the traditional birthstone for the month of October and Tourmalines are the modern ones. In ancient times, the Opal was known as the queen of gems because it exhibits the colors of all other gems. Each Opal is truly special and one of a kind, as unique as our fingerprints. As you turn and move the opal it mesmerizes you with its beauty and magic. The flashes of color are just breathtaking. It's definitely a soft stone and requires a bit of care. It is believed to cure eye-related problems and keep eyes healthy and grant an excellent immune system. Opal is believed to bring good fortune, peace, joy, and wealth to the wearer and enhance its creative potential. Opal helps the wearer to have a pleasing personality.


Tourmaline, the modern October birthstone comes in many varieties of colors, including beautiful multicolored stones and because of this variety they are often confused for sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and other gems. It promotes self-confidence and diminishes fear. Tourmaline attracts inspiration, compassion and prosperity.



Citrine, birthstone for November born is all bright and lively. It belongs to the mineral variety, quartz just like amethyst. It’s a transparent golden yellow gemstone, saffron being the highest rated color. Citrine is commonly found in areas of Russia, Bolivia, Brazil and some parts of Africa. The stone has got its name from France called “Citron” 

It is used a lot of times in place of yellow sapphire. It’s believed to carry the power of the sun, it's not just powerful and energizing but the energy of it is such that brings good fortune and luck too. According to the astrologers “It is a premier gemstone of imagination, manifestation and personal will”. Advised to wear to bring in ultimate happiness and liveliness in life. 



While opaque turquoise and lapis lazuli were the traditional December birthstones, the modern transition to more transparent gems made tanzanite, blue topaz, and blue zircon the modern alternatives, tanzanite being the most precious amongst them. 


Tanzanite is a truly sought after gemstone as it is the only gemstone found only in one place on Earth: the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This gem exhibits an exotic velvety blue with a deep dash of purple, making for a color that is truly unlike any other. This gorgeous gem is often linked to transform negative thoughts and energies into positive ones. 


The other December birthstone, turquoise, is believed to be a love charm. It has been used extensively in jewelry ever since the Victorian era. It is also a symbol of good fortune and success, and it is believed to relax the mind, body and soul. It’s a symbol of positive energy especially with its happy color, is inexpensive and available in a dozen shapes and cuts. Making it an ideal for modern day jewelry. 


Now that you are a little bit more informed about your birthstone and your loved ones birthstone, it's time to evaluate, make a decision and invest in pieces that are timeless, old school yet modern in their own way. We at D'Deco would love to help you find your perfect match. At least with jewelry!