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Cosmic-Style Sapphire and Diamond Cocktail Earrings, made in Palladium

A Cosmic-Style Sapphire and Diamond Earrings, made in Palladium and the clip is 14 Karat Gold. The length is 1 inch. The total weight of the earrings is 19.83 grams.

Before the launch of the space program, mankind always dreamt about reaching for the stars. From ancient text to celestial drawings and sculptures, civilizations believed something divine existed beyond this world. Stories about stars, comets, and planets dominated arenas of debate.

Seldom, we come across pieces that elegantly capture the beauty of celestial bodies. Often, they are the work of visionaries and master jewelers who can bring the beauty of the heavens and manifest it using earth-encrusted materials. Although unsigned, these beautiful and vintage 1940s blue sapphire earrings, which are made in palladium - a noble metal used in lieu of platinum during the war - are a reflection of a remarkable creation and time period.

These earrings are in line with the latest work of 21st century luxury jewelers who are revisiting this artistic space to bring us closer to the magic of the universe.

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